We care about you

That’s why we don’t skip out on the ‘getting to know you’ phase. We make sure you’re satisfied with the service and the gardens, because we know that a healthy garden creates a healthy lifestyle.

We care about the environment

We like to use products that are organic so that your garden looks great… and feels great too. So talk to us about the products we use to care for your plants, your lawn and your planet.

We care about the local community

We have ‘Care Projects’, where we volunteer our time and resources, helping people and families in need care for their gardens. We also value our local youth, and help sponsor the ‘Street Smart Handbook’ to support teens who are struggling.

We care about safety

Gardening comes with risks, so we do all we can to make sure that how we work is safe for us, and for you. We aim to remove any hazards from your garden, all the while protecting ourselves, you and your property. We also have have insurance that covers upto $20m.